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The lack of three major obstacles to the development of new energy vehicles stumbling block


With the development of the industry, the purchase of new energy vehicles, more and more consumers in the process of using them, more and more problems are exposed.

Recently, the People's Automobile Channel through the depth of the new energy automotive market research, interviews with a number of new energy vehicle owners and relevant authorities found that the new energy automotive market after the absence of insurance regulatory regulations; charging pile interface, the lack of uniform standards; electric vehicle collision standards Missing, and these, it is hindering the development of electric vehicles bottleneck problem.

At present, new energy vehicles on commercial insurance and no relevant regulations, the major insurance companies for premium assessment is also a far cry from. Some insurance companies that can be in accordance with the billing price insurance, while others must be reported in accordance with the official price, and the new energy vehicles as a result of the high subsidy to enjoy the relationship between the open fare and the official price difference between 100,000 yuan, Naturally very different. In addition to the premium level of difference, some key components, such as batteries, now few insurance companies dare to underwriting, most of the insurance companies have said the business, resulting in the process of consumers in the car if there is no problem, no claims in accordance with.

Currently on the market a lot of charging interface standards, at home and abroad add up to about 5: Combo Connector interface standard; CHAdeMO interface standards; Tesla super charging socket; CCS (Combined Charging System combined charging system) and China GB GB / T 20234 .

C-NCAP (China-New Car Assessment Program) is the only new car crash standard test in China's market at present.

Energy vehicles as a new thing, even in all aspects of the need for a long time to develop and accumulate, and the development and introduction of standards and the development of new energy vehicles as the relationship between "chicken eggs or eggs," such death Cycle, some people always take the first step, and jointly promote the development of new energy automotive industry.