Information management system

We actively adopt advanced management methods, to build comprehensive enterprise information management system, consisted of ERP and CRM. Part of information from ERP system is timely lead to the CRM system, so sales team can grasp the order implementation status in time; The new sales projects of CRM system is connected with  ERP system via project number, so that the entire company value chain forms systematic management, to realize information's integration, uniformity, openness.

Our main business modules of the ERP system are financial module (general ledger, fixed assets, accounts receivable, accounts payable), invoicing module (inventory module, sales module, procurement module) and production module. As shown below:


The main function of our CRM system is inquiring (customer information, order execution, in-transit inventory, etc.), project management, quotation, prototype sample and other 7 functions, as shown below. The introduction of CRM system helps optimize all aspects of business, to improve sales efficiency, reduce customer churn and company costs.