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China''s new energy vehicle sales growth momentum


In 2014, China's new energy vehicle sales to achieve a record close to 75,000. The first half of this year, China's production of new energy vehicles reached 78,500, more than last year, an increase of 3 times. Of which just past the June production of 2.5 million.

In 2014, the central and local governments introduced a number of new energy vehicles to promote policies. For the long-standing problem of charging pile, Changchun City in 2014 announced the "new energy vehicles to promote the use of the implementation of the program" clearly states: the purchase of new energy vehicles for the public, with long-term fixed parking spaces, power supply and property companies should install the vehicle Charging facilities to provide the necessary services. At the same time, but also to the charging infrastructure to give no more than 200 million in financial subsidies. The entire program plans to promote 5,000 new energy vehicles in Changchun.

In Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing and other cities, local governments have also introduced a new energy vehicles on the relevant infrastructure construction policies. In accordance with the provisions of Guangzhou City, the new residential quarters, social parking, according to not less than the planned parking rate of 18% of the proportion of construction or reserve charging facilities.

Although the market is also facing consumer concerns such as bottlenecks, but with the introduction of a number of supportive policies, a variety of new models listed, coupled with the continuous improvement of charging facilities, many industry sources believe that China's new energy vehicle development is entering a virtuous circle .