Training and development

Career Development

There are two points Kingdomsh adheres to when designing the multiple career developing route for its staff:

1. Basic wage varies with the job nature and content of technical staff and management personnel. The basic salary of the technical staff may be lower than the management staff, but there is opportunity to improve total income through research bonuses, patent bonuses, etc. The multiple career paths designed for the technicians do not mean that all technical staff will be able to embark on a managerial career. For employees who can not enter the management team, Kingdomsh focuses on their reward incentives in designing salary system. The salary of these staff should base on the level of knowledge, rather than just base on the requirements of the current work. Focus on setting up a salary system to promote staff to expand their own skills, reduce the reward difference between management positions and non-management positions.

2.  For those staff who are interested to develop in management direction, Kingdomsh can provide a platform for learning. Through management training courses, company internal training, etc, for different objects, employees will receive comprehensive training and promotion. At present, Kingdomsh provides middle and senior managers with several professional training opportunities each year, we not only trained a lot of professionals for our own, but also for society.

About training

The selection of training methods is closely connected with the training content. Different training methods apply to different training contents. In practical work, Kingdomsh will reasonably select and apply methods according to training requirement, training content and training objects. Here are some of our basic training methods:

The pre-job training of new employees adopts lecture method organized by the Human Resources department. The main contents are company profile, development history, strategic objectives, corporate culture, product introduction, general rules and general safety procedures. Then HR department will make a test.

The training about job responsibility and operation procedure which new staff received after joining the workshop (or team)  adopts practical training method: for the first month in the workshop, the practical training should not be less than 6 hours, so that each employee will be clear about the job responsibilities: what should know, what should do, what can not do; what the working standard should follow, be clear about this position's operating procedures and safe operating procedures. New employees should attend a written examination two months after induction, and the examination results will be put into the conversion assessment. For new employees from usual supplement recruitment , HR department will organize an aggregative pre-job training that same month.

Through work guiding method training, all management and staff will be clear about the company's corporate culture and business knowledge of the position, to undersand their job responsibilities, work standards, and master a variety of business skills, improve performance, and then improve the quality of all management and staff, the company's management level. To achieve a win-win situation for the company and employees, so as to establish talent resource foundation to achieve the company's strategic objectives.

In order to make the selected employees assume higher or more important jobs, we will provide training varies with staff's current level of ability and future job requirements, namely employees development direction raining , abbreviated as career development training. If staff career development direction we implemented coincides with training program needed to match staff's career planning, Kingdomsh has played a role in training for staff's achieving career planning. Establish personal file for each employee's evaluation results, to record each employee's growth process and career development stage.